Allison A. Dunlop

Allison A. Dunlop has been a board member of the Cypress Hills Child Care Corporation since March 2020 and joined to support the remarkable work of the CHCCC, which provides quality, culturally-sensitive, child care services; fosters workforce development for local child care providers; and offers vitally needed social service and enrichment programs in the community. As a first-generation Afro-Dominican attorney, Ms. Dunlop has roots and close ties to the Cypress Hills Community growing up and initiating her legal career there. As general counsel to the Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation, she advanced its educational initiatives including the development of the Cypress Hills Community School and its continued support and work with the CHCCC. Ms. Dunlop currently works as a Senior Attorney in the Family Law/Domestic Violence Unit at Brooklyn Legal Services. She represents survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse in family and matrimonial proceedings and immigration matters. She enjoys quality time with her young children, traveling, hiking and dancing merengue.