Community Programs

Parent Education:

Abriendo Puertas (AP) / Open Doors is a comprehensive, parenting skills program developed by and for low-income parents, especially Latinx parents with children ages 0-5. Sessions focus on socioemotional, language and numeracy development; nutrition and physical activity; use of tech; school readiness; parental confidence and advocacy; and financial literacy. Families may participate virtually or in-person, with child care and dinner provided.

Early Reading Support:

Library specialists from Books for Kids visit the Center each week to lead story time and facilitate book lending to families.

Mental Health Consultation:

This program provides families with sessions with a bilingual psychologist who has a longstanding relationship with CHCCC. The psychologist also provides print and video resources and is available for short private conversations after sessions. This program has been provided with special funding and parents have found it extremely valuable, particularly during the pandemic. CHCCC also offers case management that can address mental health concerns.

Early-Evening Cultural Activities:

CHCCC’s cultural programming includes interactive art, music, and dance classes in the evenings, building networks of families, and informing parents about community arts resources

Magic Doors / Puertas Magicas:

The CHCCC Magic Doors initiative welcomes babies and families into an enchanted world of learning, activities, and effective child development, helping to pave the first steps of their lifelong educational journey. This is a new initiative which will extend and deepen the 4 existing bilingual elements that have proved most effective in supporting parents of infants and toddlers between 0-3, specifically: parent education, early reading support, mental health consultation, and cultural activities.